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Since 2009, we have opened up the Grand Venetian beachfront condominiums to a new organized and happy flow of vacation renters and profit-making condo owners. Learn about our stellar team and services!
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Profitable & Uncomplicated Property Management in the Grand Venetian

For condominium owners at the Grand Venetian, we are property managers who do more than care for your vacation home while you are away; we are here to make your life as an owner of prime real-estate in Puerto Vallarta much easier and way more profitable:
With our property management services, our bilingual family will take off your shoulders the weight of inspecting your property and completing administrative tasks to make sure everything is running perfectly in your second home in paradise.

From scheduling light and deep cleanings, window cleanings, repairing any damages if they were to happen, and internet/cable connectivity guidance, we are all about handling the challenge of keeping your vacation condo in good repair so you don’t have to.

If you desire, we can also generate income for you by hosting your condominium for vacationers from around the world. We advertise your vacation condo on our website and manage the entire communication and property maintenance from check-in to check-out.


  • About our Grand Venetian rental services

    We are big believers in making vacation fun and hassle-free. As seasoned world-travelers ourselves, we have high expectations for our guests because we know what type of experience we appreciate when we are vacationing. 

    From the moment you find the perfect vacation condominium to the moment you arrive home to a fully-equipped beachfront sanctuary, the Grand Venetian Rentals team (Jason, Cinthia, their daughter, Alexis, and their son, Jordan) will help make your vacation absolutely comfortable and 100% transparent.  In the tabs below, learn more about the wide range of concierge-like services we make available during your stay in paradise.

  • Airport Pickup

    When you go to visit family and friends, they are there to pick you up when your airplane lands. So are we. Just say the word and we will be your tether home among the bustling Puerto Vallarta International (PRV) airport.

    Our airport pickups cost $40 USD and we will pick up 4 people at a time maximum. During your booking process, let us know if you want to be picked up and give us your flight itinerary. We’ll handle the rest.

  • Stock your fridge

    We know what its like to need your essentials in the refrigerator when you arrive at your vacation home. Since you can’t bring your fridge to Puerto Vallarta, we’ll shop for and stock the refrigerator in your vacation condo with some needed essentials and staples before you get here.

    In addition to reimbursing/crediting the grocery bill, our fridge stock service is approximately $40 USD and subject to some restrictions. During your booking process, simply tell us more about the things you will need in your fridge and we’ll get back to you.

  • In-house chef

    Stocking your fridge is nice and all, but preparing meals isn’t usually high on your to-do list when you’re vacationing in paradise! In addition the Grand Venetian’s poolside restaurant/bar, we can arrange to have a professional chef come to your condo and cook delicious meals for you just the way you like it.

    All our vacation condominiums have a fully equipped kitchen and there are 4 large supermarkets and grocery stores within 5 minutes of where you’re staying.

    For pricing, let us know how many times during your stay you would like for our cooks to prepare your meals and we’ll help accommodate a trustworthy and gifted kitchen-virtuoso who matches your dietary preferences and needs.

  • Fair-priced adventures & experiences

    You’re on vacation and you want something fun and adventurous, maybe something a little energizing and romantic, you might as well get quality dental & medical work done at a fraction of the price back home, oh and don’t forget that the kids have been begging to swim with the dolphins and sea lions. The only problem is, from the moment you land, you are bombarded by sales reps, time-share presentations, and exorbitant prices.

    Well, not with us. Being locals, we’ve lived in Puerto Vallarta for decades and have a solid network of providers for travel extras. We will help you set up your tours, adventures, and activities to do in Puerto Vallarta with local fair-priced deals and you will never be obligated to sit through a time-share presentation. We know the best and safest restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, and for guests who are part of a wedding party, we even know some really good photographers and videographers!

    Learn more about our top-rated Puerto Vallarta experiences below


  • In-house massages

    Stress has no place in a beautiful paradise like this. When you’re staying at the Grand Venetian, you can ask us to coordinate and schedule our professional massage therapists to set up in your condominium and give you the best massage ever!

    Many of our guests prefer our high-caliber massage therapists because they are well-recommended by our family and very reasonable in price. We only work with the best because we want our family to have the best massage therapists. Contact us for pricing details.

  • Car rentals

    To help you get to all the best places and experience Puerto Vallarta like a local, we will even help you set up a car rental with the best agencies in town. Contact us for more details.

    Affordable Uber chauffers and local taxi drivers will also pick you up right at the Grand Venetian lobby. Public transportation is very easy to use as well.

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